The Pacy family home was situated on the east side of Lowestoft High Street on the top of the low cliff.  The rear garden, to the east of the house, was in fact part of the cliff or "the bank" as Pacy calls it in his testimony.  Until this century it commanded fine views of the extensive beach and North Sea beyond.

This photograph shWhere the witchcraft started . . . .ows the site today.  In the 18th century the gardens on the cliff at Lowestoft were landscaped and terraced.  This is the view looking east from the rear of the Pacy house.  The conifer trees obscure the view to the North Sea. They were  planted intentionally some years ago to hide the extensive industrial site which has been built on the beach and which obscures the view to the sea!




This second photograph was taken from the foot of the garden looking up "the bank" to the house.  The grey house in the centre is a 19th century extension built on the back of the Pacy house.

. . . which day being fair and sunshiny . . .








I would like to thank Primrose Willis and Jo Rasdien, owners of "Mary's Wool Shop" which now occupies most of the site of Samuel Pacy's house, for kindly allowing me to reproduce these photographs of their garden here.