Yeoman Farmer

(NB: Although the Trial Report gives this witness's name as "Robert Sherringham" on the original indictment it appears as "Sherington" which appears to be the correct spelling)

Robert Sherington was not a native of Lowestoft but a "settler".  He was descended from a long line of yeoman farmers living the the rural parish of Westleton some 20 miles south of Lowestoft.  The year of his birth is not known, but his father died at Westleton in 1629 leaving his son a legacy of "three score pounds".

It is not known when he moved to Lowestoft but when in April 1640 he married Elizabeth Chamberlain at Beccles he is described as being "of Lowestoft".  After the marriage Sherington and his wife made Lowestoft their home and four children were born to them there; Elizabeth in 1641, Robert in 1644, Susan in 1645 and William in 1649.

Although very little is known about his life in Lowestoft, records show that he soon became part of the "establishment".  He was a rate-payer and in 1647 he was appointed as the town's ale-taster.  He was elected one of the town's four constables in 1652 and the following year he became a "chief pledge" on the jury of the monthly Court Baron held for the manor of Lowestoft. That same year he was elected one of the town's two "hog reeves".  In 1653 he also brought an unspecified civil action against one John Denny of Lowestoft.

He probably lived in a house on the east side of High Street almost opposite the Crown Inn, the hostelry run by the Chandlers' who also gave evidence at the trial.

Robert Sherington died at Lowestoft five and a half years after the trial.  The burial entry reads: "November 11th - Robert Sherrington and his wife the next day".

It is interesting to note, although the trial report does not inform the reader of this fact, that of all the 14 indictments drawn up against Rose Cullender and Amy Denny, Rose Cullender was found "not guilty" of bewitching Sherington and his livestock!