(NB: Although the published Trial Report records this witnesses name as "Spencer" a manuscript version of the report in Doctors Williams Library, London, records it as "Spendlar" . There is no Richard Spencer living in Lowestoft in the 17th century, however the Parish Records do reveal one man named Richard Spendlar).

Very little is known regarding this witness.

He was obviously not a Lowestoft-born man and the first record of him appears in the parish registers in 1631 with the baptism of a daughter, Anne, born to him and his wife Charity.  There is no further mention of Richard and Charity in the parish registers until 1647 when the baptism of a second child, Henry, is recorded.

However, the manor court books reveal that in 1644 he was appointed to be one of Lowestoft's four Constables, in 1653 he was one of the Town's Churchwardens and in 1665 he served as an Overseer of the Poor.

His wife died in September 1668.

The whereabouts of his house in Lowestoft is not known for certain but it was probably located at the South End of town only a short distances from the Tenement of Amy Denny and the house of Ann and Cornelius Landefield.